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About Us

The Yorktown Capital Group, LLC is a US company that specializes in investment services and real estate management.

Yorktown Group started to be involved with various investment products in the US market from the 1980s.  Its founding members started managing client assets from mid 1990s. Their high quality service and outstanding performance have earned long term trust from the clients. 


An important aspect of the Yorktown team is the fact that most of its members have had in depth experience related to US – China business relations. They lived and worked in both countries and totally understand the social economic backgrounds of both countries. This certainly has given the Yorktown team an edge in the growing investment activities between these two major economies. 


Yorktown has a collective sixty years of experience investing in the US market, and fifty years of experience working between US and Chinese businesses. In the past twenty five years of managing our client assets, we have brought superior returns to our clients with the rapid growth of business and investment interactions between US and China. Yorktown team are based in the US  and have worked with major Wall Street institutions and hedge funds.  We also have deep understanding on the regulatory requirements for international investors. 


In the past twenty years or so, our founding members have been involved many times with venture capital projects related to US China business. We have led major acquisition transactions and also participated in private equity opportunities in different high tech industries. 


Since the 1980s, Yorktown members started investing in the US commercial real estate market. Between 2006 and 2007, we started unloading our real estate holdings. As the financial crisis raged in late 2009, Yorktown team took the opportunity and significantly increased our real estate holdings. These decisions have led to outstanding returns in the past three years. Such major asset reallocation was a good example of the Yorktown investment philosophy. 

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